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PropTech Pulse

Jul 18, 2018

Snug is shaking things up in the rental world.  Challenging the traditional bond structure and even the way that renters are matched with properties by creating a platform to make the process easier and giving everyone a place to call home.

In this episode of PropTech Pulse, CEO and founder of Snug Justin Butterworth joins host Nick Bouris to share how Snug is tackling what they saw as a disjointed and inefficient industry.  He will share the three major problems that they identified in the rental space, and how Snug is combatting these with services such as BondCover which minimises stress for both potential tenants and property owners, and Snug Match which is putting the right renters into the right properties.

Justin will share how his services work, unpack the customers that they are attracting, and discuss how Snug is providing options and choice in an area where for so long there has been none.

For more information about Snug and the services that they are offering, head to now.

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